Monday, March 2, 2015

Need Some Inspiration for Your Garden, Homestead or Farm?

Happy March to you!

I am dreaming of Spring, Dear Readers, despite the cold weather that is still abundant right now where I live. There is even a snow storm on its way here within the next 24 hours.

I am not letting the chilly weather get me down, though, and I am planning and scheming for the upcoming gardening season that will arrive before I know it.  I have purchased a few seed packets, added to my existing seed collection, and I am dreaming of my hugelkultur garden bed that I plan to build once we start having consistent warm weather again.

In the spirit of dreaming of Spring's arrival here in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought that I'd share two inspiring videos.  The first one, Homegrown Revolution, is about The Urban Homestead, literally an urban homestead in Pasadena, California.  I love this example of how it is possible to live sustainably and resiliently within an urban area and with a small amount of land.  While those of us living in a more northern climate would not be able to grow food in our gardens all year round and would need to employ other techniques to grow food in the winter, we can still learn a lot from what the Dervaes are doing.  I love the examples that the film shows of the vertical growing systems that they are using on their property!

The second video is about a farmer who switched from industrial production to organic and ecological production.  This is a great example of how change in our agricultural system is possible.  All is not lost and there is hope out there for our food system!  Check out the video at this link.

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