Resources, Blog Support, and Disclaimer

Okay, so I will reiterate here that I am not an advocate of mindless consumption, and I believe that our culture is way too wrapped up in the buying of things in order to seek personal fulfillment.   I believe that simplifying our lives is extremely important for achieving greater life balance, as well as to the conservation of our natural resources and the environment that we all ultimately depend upon.  However, as I research and write, I come upon many resources that I believe may be very helpful to my readers in learning different homesteading skills, and in obtaining the resources that assist them in the achievement of a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle.  I believe that the resources that I have posted on the blog are such resources, and I have carefully selected and recommend them based upon one or more of the following criteria:

1.  My personal positive experience with the products, services, or organizations
2.  Upon research and examination, I believe the resource to be excellent for achieving a more self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle
3.  Upon research and examination, I believe the resource to be excellent for achieving a lifestyle of greater personal sustainability

I recommend these resources because I have used them myself in the past, continue to do so, or would consider using them in the future.  I will never recommend any resource to my readers that I would never consider using myself. As time goes by, I expect that I will utilize more of these resources myself, and I plan to post reviews on the blog about them in order to give better recommendations to you.

Disclaimer:  For the merchant ads that I have posted on my blog, I am an affiliate with them and I do receive a small commission for linking to their sites and/or products.  As a potential customer of these merchants and services, there is no additional cost to you.  However, by choosing to use the links that I provide, you can help to support my continued work of this blog and my pursuit in gaining more knowledge about homesteading and self-sufficiency, which I will happily pass on to my readers.  If you appreciate the information that I am providing through this blog, and if you are considering any of the resources or services that I recommend, please consider using these links.

Thanks so much!